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        So you’re going hiking, landscaping your property or exploring new places this summer. Here is what you need to know about Poison Oak and what to look out for to avoid that irritating rash all year round.

        Poison Oak is a three-leafed plant that grows all over California especially here in Monterey County. The leaves can be green in color, green and orange or red from the summer heat. In fall the leaves will fall but the branches and sticks left can still transfer the poison oak oils to your skin.

        How avoid getting Poison Oak:

        1. Avoid heavy brush areas.
        2. Don’t trail blaze; stay on the path.
        3. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants.
        4. Do not touch fallen sticks or the ground where leaves have fallen.
        5. Beware of petting your animals after they’ve been outside as the oils sit right on top of their fur.
        6. Wash clothing as soon as you get home, as oils will still be present.


        Enjoy your summer!!


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