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        Here at Dr. Franklin’s office we believe in daily exercise. We also believe that when you enjoy what you are doing you will do it more and what better way to enjoy exercise than to go explore the Monterey County coastline and hillsides.


        These are a few of our favorite hiking spots.


        Toro Park

        Toro Park has some amazing hikes. The top of some of these climbs offer fantastic views of Monterey bay and the Salinas Valley, and on occasion and depending on season mountains full of wildflowers.

        Jacks Peak County Park

        Jacks peak in Monterey is a great location for an easy stroll / hike with views of Monterey bay, Carmel Valley and Point Lobos. Take an easy hike, pack a healthy lunch and picnic with family or friends in this beautiful setting.

        Point Lobos Reserve

        Check Big Sur’s famous coastline from Point Lobos. Just a few minutes south of Carmel point lobos is an amazing combination of both coastline and mountain views with many easy trails. Stroll, run or climb the mountains in this serene local. Special tip- Park on highway 1 and walk in

        Garland Ranch Regional Park

        This is my favorite hiking spot in Monterey County it has some of the best views, great climbs and they even allow dogs! You will truly get a look at the local wildlife here. Hike to the Pond or the Water tower for a great climb. And what ever you do, don’t forget to enjoy all the smells, mountain sage, jasmine and lavender can be smelled especially on a beautiful day. It’s very rarely not sunny here… Plan accordingly.

        Hiking for exercise advice: Make sure you always pack plenty of water, sunblock and comfortable boots. Do not wear new hiking shoes unless you are breaking them in on a nice stroll or you might have to see us foot blisters. Please see our POISON OAK and TICK blog on how to avoid their bites!


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