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        Diving Medicine (DAN Certified Physician)

        • Diving Physical Examinations
        • Decompression sickness
        • Hyperbaric chamber follow ups
        • Return to dive follow ups

        “Nearly one-third of all diving fatalities are associated with an acute cardiac event.”

        ‘Scuba diving is an appealing recreational activity for people of all ages. Indeed, diving in favorable conditions requires little exertion, making it easy for the unaware to assume that diving is a safe and effortless pastime. But it is essential to keep in mind that during any dive, perilous conditions and circumstances can arise that may call for vigorous exercise on a moment’s notice.

        Immersion alone is a stressor on the body, especially the heart and circulatory system. People who have limited exercise capacity may be pushed to their limit by diving — to the point of serious injury and even death. ‘

        DAN certified Physician Peter E. Franklin, M.D. has been practicing Dive medicine for 21 years. Getting a Dive Physical is more than a Wellness Exam. The extensive exam helps to identify any possible medical issues that may arise during a dive and allows us to begin the process of resolving those issues so you can dive carefree.


        Had a diving issue already?

        Many Divers come to us after an underwater incident. We will help guide you in the process to evaluate your condition to return you to diving as soon as possible.

        > All dive related medicine appointments are CASH only … please call to check our pricing.


        The Monterey Bay Aquarium

        Did you know that Peter E. Franklin M.D. is the number 1 Dive doctor for Monterey Bay Aquarium? Dr. Franklin medically examines their Divers prior to diving in the tanks with all your favorite underwater creatures.


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