TO MENU

        Our mission is simple, treat every patient the way you would want your mom to be treated. We service a wide variety of medical services from labs, injury treatment, testing, illness and health issue treatment, chronic health condition management, dermatology services, diving medicine, and more.

        Labs Including: STAT

        • In house lab results for faster diagnosis
        • routine maintenance labs
        • Rapid Drug and Alcohol Screening
        • In-house and outside lab orders

        Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Including:

        • EKG’s
        • Cardiac Monitoring

        Pulmonary Function Testing

        Women’s Health Issues Including:

        • Complete Physicals – pap tests with quick results
        • Contraceptive Management
        • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Urinary Problems

        Men’s Health Issues Including:

        • Complete Physicals
        • Prostate Health
        • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
        • Urinary Problems

        Pediatric Health Issues (over the age of 5) Including:

        • Complete Physicals
        • Sports Physicals
        • Acne
        • ADD/ADHD

        Diving Medicine

        • Diving Physical Examination
        • Pre-Dive Physical (Certified Dive Physician)
        • DOT Physicals
        • Pre-Op Physicals
        • Joint Injections

        Treatment of Acute Illnesses Including:

        • Colds, Cough, Sinusitis
        • Asthma
        • Allergic reactions
        • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
        • Rashes
        • Treatment of boils and abscess
        • Immunizations (adults)
        • Bladder infections
        • Burns, Scrapes
        • Influenza
        • Strep Throat
        • Mononucleosis

        Treatment of Injuries Including:

        • Cuts and lacerations
        • Burns and scrapes
        • Motor vehicle accidents

        Management of Chronic Health Conditions Including:

        • Hypertension/Hypotension
        • Hyperthyroidism/Hypothyroidism
        • Diabetes
        • Cholesterol
        • Osteoarthritis
        • Osteoporosis
        • COPD
        • Diet and Weight Management/Exercise Counseling
        • Smoking Cessation
        • Anxiety and Depression

        Dermatology Including:

        • Wart and mole removal, cancer prevention, removal of skin cancers…
        • Sports Medicine
        • Preventative Medicine