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        Peter E. Franklin, M.D.

        I offer a concierge program for a limited number of patients who are interested in enhanced service and a more personalized approach to their health management. My concierge program allows me to provide you with a level of attention and service that–as a physician–I believe is so important.

        There is no better investment than your long-term health. My concierge program ensures your wellness needs are met conveniently and with compassion and support. A physician who really knows you is key to the quality care you deserve.

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        JANIE F. Title

        Janie is very involved in the Non-Profit Community, serving on several Boards over the years. She includes in her tenure, Chairman of the Board for The Carmel Foundation, President of the Junior League of Monterey county, Inc (twice) and President of both Soroptimist of Carmel Bay and Soroptimist of Monterey Bay and a member of the Board of the Family Resource Center (now the Cabrillo Family Resource Center). She was the first to create the “backyard swim program” for the Red Cross in Southern California to benefit local children who did not have basic swimming skills or the opportunity for lessons all on a volunteer basis.

        Janie enjoys walks on the beach, traveling, reading and spending time with family including her three pups; Kona, Gracie and Makena.

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        NIKKI Title

        Nicole has an Associate’s Degree from Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey and is only a few credits short of her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from the Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA. She is certified in Accounting and Merchandising by the Small Business Association and CPR certified as well. Prior to joining our team she worked for a couple of years with adults, veterans and seniors suffering from early dementia or other forms of mental challenges.

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        ASHLEY Title

        Lupe is a mother of three grown children and has one granddaughter. Twenty one years after graduating from High School she returned to school to attend Central Coast College to graduate as a Medical Assistant. Lupe came highly recommended from her College Professors and has shown to be an excellent and professional team player in her newly chosen field.

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